Differences Between Web Design and Web Development


A great misconception that many internet users have is that web design and web development is the same thing. In fact, it is common to find that the two identical terms being wrongly used interchangeably from time to time. Understanding the difference is essential especially if you are on the verge of creating a personal or a business website.

Web design is the development or setting up the page or pages that are live on the internet. These are the pages that customers or visitors have access to. The designing involves every aspect on how the site will appear, and it functions. A good design takes into consideration the principles of a good visual design, the client’s needs, and ensures the best customer experience. The designers deal with the color scheme, appearance, and arrangements of the site. They ensure that the site is an eye catcher.

The primary focus of the web design is what the site should have and contain. It is all about visual effect and organization. Many qualified web designers know nothing about programming, nor the terms used like PHP, Java, and HTML. However, for a design to be placed on a website, it has to be sliced into PHP and HTML. This is done by a web developer who comes in when it is time to create a more intricate part of the website.

Web development basically refers to the writing of the scripts and codes that are used to bring a web design to digital life. It mainly focuses on what is behind the design. The function of a developer is to focus on how a site works, the various ways that an action can be performed on the site. The developers work on coding and other parts of the website that fall off the design part like creating a custom management system and custom shopping cart.

With this in mind, when you are selecting a Web design and web development company, you should make sure they can handle both concepts. Doing this will ensure that you do not meet with unnecessary charges that you are likely to face when outsourcing for either a designer or developer. However, if you feel that you can be able to do the designing, it means that all you need is a developer and this is another way that you can reduce your expenses. Now with this information, you are ready to start off the creation of your website.


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